About Us


Founded in 2003, FitzHarris Designs is an award winning architecture firm that provides clients high-quality design and attention to detail for new construction, major additions, infill projects, historic renovations, and interiors.  Most of our projects are located throughout the Washington DC metro area including Virginia and Maryland.  Each project is unique based on the site, surrounding context, and owner's requirements and style.  We always seek intelligent and universal design solutions that will adapt and endure the test of time.  We incorporate sustainable design concepts for day lighting and energy efficiency. We have extensive experience with historic renovations, additions, major transformations, and new contemporary projects. 

Prior to FitzHarris Designs, Heidi FitzHarris worked in a few architecture firms including Gensler, Ligon Flynn FAIA, and the Department of State.  She designed many new luxury homes and estates ranging from 6,000 to 24,000 SF in addition to commercial interiors, retail, offices, US Embassies, etc.  Heidi graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor in Science of Architecture and from Virginia Tech with a Master of Architecture.   Originally from RI, she now lives in Arlington with her husband, three children, and dog.  She enjoys running, hiking, sailing, and playing in the ocean in her free time.

FitzHarris Designs has won several DESIGNArlington awards and several Arlington Preservation Awards.  We've had over 20 projects certified in Arlington's Green Home Choice program and sponsored the Tuckahoe Home & Garden Tour for past 5 years. 


Our dream home!

We decided to work with Heidi and FitzHarris Designs after meeting with several other local architects. It was clear that she has a unique and deep knowledge of renovations/additions in Arlington county and her expertise is very valuable during what can feel like a pretty complicated process! 

Heidi was able to help us create an open floor plan, a spacious master suite and great common areas for our family to enjoy- all while keeping the original charm of our 1940s brick house. She was very pleasant and easy to work with and extremely patient with our questions and revisions. In the end, we got our dream home and we couldn't be happier! 

I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to create functional yet beautiful spaces. 

Sandra + Jason

Arlington, VA

People do U-turns!

A great architect that is a really good listener of your ideas and wishes!  Heidi and her team did a great job!  

People drive by our house, make U turns, and then take pictures of it!  Almost every neighbor has stopped by just to tell me that my new house is their favorite one! 

 I found Heidi through a friend, met with her and I instantly knew that she was very focused and a good listener.  In our meeting I probably gave her 30+ things I wished in my new home,and she didn't miss one of those in the first sketches we got from her.  Not only that, she did a terrific job correlating those ideas with our budget.  We are very happy we got to work with her! 

 Viviana + Rick

Vienna, VA

Highest of Ratings!

   Heidi has been awesome to work with throughout the design and build process. She listened to our vision and made it the best possible version. 

There is not a single feature we would change about our renovated house. Every single feature is just perfect.  She guided us through the process, helped with the details like lights and fixtures and made a stressful event very easy. 

We give her the highest of ratings! 

Gracemarie + Chris

Arlington, VA

Creative solutions & detailed drawings!

 FitzHarris designed our remodel which took our traditional box colonial to a beautifully redesigned home that met all our needs while still allowing the home to blend into the neighborhood. Every time I pull into my driveway, I am so happy with the way our house came out and Heidi deserves all the credit.   

We hired FitzHarris to add on a family room, mudroom, study and master bedroom. Heidi designed the new space but also made seemingly small adjustments elsewhere in the house allowing the new and old space to flow together. I can't emphasize how much those little things mattered. She widened a hallway here and a door width there, added sidelights to the front door, etc. All those little things made the old part of the house feel like a recently built home ensuring that we won't just be living in our new space, but will now make better use of our original home.   

Heidi is also a great listener, even-keeled and she'll offer you feedback to make sure you don't "over design" your house or design it too much for your particular stage in life (life with small kids, versus older kids, for instance). She offers you practical advice on how to renovate your space for the long run and makes sure you have enough storage to keep the family organized. She is so good at creative solutions to maximize both the existing and new living space.   

Our architectural plans were also so detailed, down to light switch heights, orientation of electric sockets, insulation guidelines, building materials to use certain places, which provided a clear road map for our contractor to follow. I didn't appreciate how detailed they were until I looked at someone else's renovation plans and realized that Heidi leaves little room for question. The detail also ensures that your renovation will be completed the right way and with quality materials to your own expectations.   

I would recommend Heidi without reservation to anyone. 

Erica + Mike

Arlington, VA


Heidi is amazing! She transformed our 2000 square foot 1950's brick rambler in Cherrydale (with its low ceilings and poor layout) into a welcoming, beautifully designed and spacious new home (without increasing the overall footprint). From the early designs through to completion of the project, Heidi was there to help guide us through the entire process.   

Throughout the design phase, it was clear Heidi had thought through every detail of the home in both form and function. We would ask why a specific design choice was made and Heidi would clearly explain the reasoning and why an alternative would not work as well. In addition to providing the overall design, Heidi oversaw the bid and permit process and was readily available throughout construction to answer any questions from us and the contractor.   

We also took advantage of Heidi's expertise in choosing our finishes and fixtures. With no experience ourselves and with so many options available for tile, lighting, plumbing, etc. we were quickly overwhelmed. Heidi provided invaluable advice and suggestions based on the style we had envisioned. Since moving in we've received several request from friends and family for more information on a number of our selections.  

When designing and building a home, you build expectations on the look, feel, and function. The concern is whether or not the completed project fulfills those expectations. From the moment we moved it, we realized our expectations had been exceeded. Thank you, Heidi! 

Adam + Toni

Arlington, VA

Impressed us from start!

 Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you get the chance to work with Heidi FitzHarris and FitzHarris designs on your project. Heidi impressed us from the start with her original ideas and vision for our house, which is why we chose her over the other architects we interviewed. She designed a new addition that melds seamlessly with our old (circa 1912) house, keeping its character while adding more space. Along with the aesthetic appeal of the design, her plans also made the house far more functional for our family. She clearly had listened carefully to what we hoped for in an expanded house, and she made sure her drawings brought those intentions to life. As the renovation unfolded, Heidi also paid close attention to details both big and small, from porch trim to ductwork, to make sure the construction accurately reflected her design. She also guided us through the complex process of choosing the appropriate finishes, making sure we selected cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and other materials that were both beautiful and complementary. And she’s been incredibly reliable and supportive throughout, addressing any unexpected complications along the way and just helping us feel more comfortable with the entire process. We never expected all that from our architect and we know how lucky we are – we often tell her we couldn’t have made it through our project without her! We recommend her without reservation, and as we watch our renovation coming to reality we appreciate her work even more. 

Mary + David

Arlington, VA