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J A C K S O N   B U N G A L O W
Originally built in 1918 as a Sears kit home, this 1-1/2 story bungalow in Arlington's historic Maywood neighborhood had several renovations over the years that made the interior space chopped up and dark.  The owners hired FitzHarris Designs to study a new stair location to help the circulation and renovate the master bathroom.  Project turned into whole house renovation with new kitchen, new bathrooms, custom cabinetry, new sunroom with terraced deck, period details, and a new stair at center of house for improved circulation and provide natural light as window well in center of house via an interior window.  Sustainable and healthy home concepts complements bringing the historic kit home into the 21st century.  Improvements include basement waterproofing, spray foam insulation at exterior envelope, air sealing at rafter knee walls, zoned radiators, hot water recirculating pump, and low flow plumbing fixtures, VOC free finishes, etc.  The project was designed and certified under the Green Home Choice program for sustainability.

2 2 N D  P I N K   B U N G A L O W 

New second level addition for master suite built out under raised ridge and dormers to minimize addition's mass.  New front porch with exposed rafters and rain chains.
Original one story bungalow from street view.